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Marie, the designer

The Designer

I’m Marie, the designer and creator of Hesra Studio. 

After graduating with a degree in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery, I decided to reorient myself to the field of stage costumes. I was no stranger to sewing, as my mother is herself a seamstress and my grandfather a sewing machine salesman and repairman. I then went on to study for a course in dressmaking techniques in Brittany, France then a course in costume design in Cannes, and finally studying at the Chambre syndicale de la couture in Paris (now the IFM) to broaden my horizons in the fashion industry.

Throughout these courses, I was able to benefit from many experiences that were equally enriching: at the Tiepolo workshop in Venice, Italy during the Carnival festival, in Paris, France at the knitwear and fashion workshops within the Palais Garnier opera house, as well as at the Comédie Française for the world of theatre, not to mention a period of time in the luxury fashion field at the CELINE Paris tailoring workshop. 

Today, I have decided to create a brand that reflects my thoughts, my inspirations and my creative process: Hesra Studio. You can find my textile and jewelry creations, as well as my vintage décor finds.

In addition to my work as a designer for Hesra, I also work as a costume designer, most recently for the vocal trio A Cappella Les Itinérantes.

hesra jewelry


I am passionate about the history of art and costumes, fashion, cinema, antique markets, design, decorative arts, museums, music… I draw my inspiration from various artistic and cultural references, as well as the icons that have surrounded me since childhood. They are, for me, true sources of inspiration. 

I also have loved to thrift for clothes, jewelry and objects for many years.

By creating Hesra Studio, I would like to offer pieces that are both contemporary and timeless, simple but well-crafted, in short, a mix between vintage and modernity for an eclectic and cohesive result.

Why Hesra? Greek antiquity is one of my many sources of inspiration. With Hesra I wanted to imagine the name of a new divinity with an antique sound. Possibly the goddess of eclecticism (or the art of choosing), a notion that was born in antiquity. I find it fascinating to create a link, a unity between things that at first sight do not seem to have any. To reconstruct an original piece with elements borrowed from various influences.

My training as a costume designer has allowed me to have a rich knowledge of the history of art and costumes. I can thus easily draw my inspirations from different styles and eras, and reinterpret them as I wish.

Design Process and Commitments

My work is oriented towards an idea of minimalism and simplicity. I use easily adjustable fastenings, like those used in the past (knots, needles, laces, ties…) and old silhouettes adapted to modern-day tastes (bodices, blouses, puffed sleeves). I try to combine the historical with contemporary trends because fashion is a cyclical phenomenon, a form of perpetual rebirth.

As for the jewelry, I mainly use types of pearls, such as mother-of-pearl, and gems to offer designs with a timeless look, straight out of the paintings of Botticelli, Vinci or Raphael. 

A Hesra creation is a unique creation, a thoughtful selection of fabrics and supplies, a work of pattern-making, prototyping, and adjustment; hand-cut fabric, a hand-made textile finishing, a machine or manual assembly, made in France by a professionally-trained person. 

Hesra Studio is a commitment to making fashion and the act of buying more sustainable by offering an alternative to fast fashion with quality items, handmade-to-order in France. We live in a world of overconsumption, always more, always faster, always cheaper. The current system relies on oversupply to create false demand. We no longer know how to recognize the true value of things, the quality of a piece of an object, of an accessory, and the craftsmanship behind it. Not to mention the monstrous waste caused by such overproduction. 

There is a need to design and produce quality items in smaller quantities. We need to consume more consciously. Also, throughout the process of responsible design, some fabrics and supplies come from the bulk stocks of fashion houses or are found in second-hand and flea markets.

Order Processing and Production

All Hesra pieces are assembled by hand in my workshop in Brittany, only on demand. I don’t plan on keeping any stock in order to avoid any waste. 

I work alone, so there may be a delay of 7 to 21 days before shipment. 

Some pieces can only be made in small quantities, or even in a single piece, depending on the amount of fabric available. 

I offer pieces generally ranging from size 36 to 42. Accessories, like collars and hats, are one size fits all. I can also make custom pieces, it will simply be necessary to specify your measurements at the time of the order.

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight, volume and destination of the shipment. I mainly use colissimo shipments.